RGV gets a strong reply from TDP MPs for calling them ‘jokers’


Ram Gopal Varma, prominently known for his frivolous controversies, made another attempt on Twitter that went viral in no time. This time he targets TDP MPs who are on a protest for the injustice made to Andhra in Union budget 2018-19.

RGV compared Andhra Parliament MPs with ‘jokers’ on his twitter handle and this has caught everyone’s eye. No one ever dared to comment TDP MPs who are currently struggling to get justice for their state. In the midst of solidarity, RGV posted his sarcastic tweets on MPs and once again, has put him on sensational news.

He tweeted, “No wonder Narendra Modi thinks Andhra Pradesh is a joke if jokers like this are elected as representatives of great AP people..I think they are far lesser than jokers and much more than c______’s”. He wrote this along with MP Siva Prasad’s picture attached.

His another tweet said, “These guys of TDP are a national embarrassment to the international reputation of TDP”. These ruthless comments on a fragile topic came as a shock to everyone.

On the other hand, MP Siva Prasad took the comment on a lighter note and in turn, praised the importance of a joker in a circus and in playing cards. He further asked RGV to give advise on how to protest and they will follow his instructions. MP said that the director is taking advantage of the protest and he doesn’t know the position of the parliament. He explained that standing in the parliament with a placard doesn’t solve the issue as there will be more people from 29 states with problems.