Shivaji’s advise to Pawan Kalyan at a conference


Earlier, actor Shivaji walked out of the Bharatiya Janata Party for denying special status to Andhra Pradesh. Since then, he has been uninterruptedly raising the voice against the Centre and state governments.

A month ago, Shivaji was also seen attacked by the BJP activists at a debate,for calling the slogans like ‘Modi Zero’. Shivaji claimed that PM Narendra Modi is apathetic about the promises he made regarding special status. ‘Endorsing BJP during 2014 polls was my biggest mistake,’ the actor added.

Yesterday, Shivaji participated in a conference held in Guntur by opposition parties and social activists. Some of the popular leaders were seen like Congress PCC Chief Raghuveera Reddy, Ramakrishna (CPI), Madhu (CPM) and Chalasani Srinivas.

In the conference, Shivaji said that ‘Both TDP and YSRCP are doing dramas and cheating the people of AP apart from BJP’. He added that Jana Sena Party is very intermittent when it comes to fighting for special status. He advised party chief Pawan Kalyan to protest immediately without wasting time with committees and reports.

The actor has always praised Pawan Kalyan and his strengths several times. He even called Pawan as ‘dammunna leader’ quite a few times. He desired Jana Sena chief to lead the Special Status fight. But, this is the first time Shivaji fired on Pawan for living in silence over the matter.

A  Special Status fight deserve a solidarity among all organizations and  parties. But, Pawan Kalyan did not invite Shivaji for the recent JFC meet. We wonder if Pawan is planning to alienate Shivaji and the reasons are unknown.