Andhra Pradesh is yielding creativity in Education sector


Andhra Pradesh is on the path to top educational performing States in the World. The State Government is investing heavily in educational department to create favorable conditions for the future generations.

The Govt. of Andhra Pradesh released a handbook for students called ‘Skill Genie’. This forty-five pages long PDF focused on strengthening educational system in the state. It proves that Andhra functions arguably better than any other city in India.

One of the best predictors of a nation’s future success is, education. And, Chandrababu Naidu is making constructive changes for the State with innovation ideas. Skill Genie is a student-friendly handbook that has been designed to instigate thoughts that will enable students to become comprehensive individuals to succeed in whatever endeavor they choose to take.

Such initiative is already making us believe that education will be one of the biggest treasures for Andhra Pradesh as the quality and importance is unparalleled to any other education system.

Check the link below for more insight about Skill Genie :