BJP leaders tried to attack Hero Sivaji and raised slogans on him


It’s a known fact that actor Sivaji has been striving hard  and is a cardinal man in the ‘AP Special Status’ movement for the past couple of years. The actor subsided his acting career and kept keen interest in the movement by preaching people about the importance of the  need for Special Status.

Relevantly, actor participated in a rational debate yesterday, in Vijayawada. And, BJP leaders were also among the debate.

Sivaji spoke on the necessity of having Special Status and also how BJP has betrayed everyone. He uttered, ‘Modi zero, Modi zero’. This ignited the situation and the BJP leaders lost their cool. They started calling slogans – ‘Sivaji Down, Down’.

Sivaji also claimed that, ‘When BJP announced it would grant Special Status to Andhra Pradesh along with special Railway Zone, Industries, Central Universities, and others, I excitedly took part in the door to door election campaigning. I was a part of the BJP in the past. You were all not there. You joined for your own selfish reasons, while I walked out for noble reasons.’

BJP leaders became outrageous and tried to attack hero Sivaji. However, the organizers came in between the two and pacified the situation.