Boom! Jagan needs to come up with his own political ideas


The most important thing in YSRCP that needs a sober makeover is YS Jagan’s political ideas on TDP. From the past four years, Jagan and his party kept disappointing its supporters’ with their frivolous actions. Right from boycotting Legislative Assembly session, supporting BJP in Karnataka through Gali brothers to touching Modi’s feet, every action and move of YCP has literally backfired.

Jagan’s instant response to any given situation would be, ‘Make me the Chief Minister, I will solve it then’. Or, he perpetually blames Chandrababu Naidu for non-pertinent things. Perhaps, he explicitly lacks a success formula in life. Moreover, he hardly solved any greater issue or problem against government.

Jagan’s close aide and his charted accountant-turned-politician, Vijay Sai Reddy, is no less either. He has got zero political decisive thinking and right now, he is now on a protest for literally no good reason.

Instead of these dispensable protests, the party should have focused more on questioning BJP about denied Special Category Status, Railway Zone to Vizag and Financial Assistance to Andhra Pradesh.

Now that Chandrababu and TDP are protesting against the Centre, YCP is staging a protest for that. This move comes as a shock to everyone and leaves us in confusion on why he is protesting for Chandrababu’s protest.

Recently, when TDP had organized Dharma Porata Sabha in Tirupati, YSRCP came up with a counter protest called Vanchana Vyatireka Deeksha in Vizag on the same day. Probably, Jagan’s motto is, “why put an effort into something when someone else already did?”