Chandrababu’s genius act over Jagan on NCM


Two days ago, TDP members have submitted a letter to the Lok Sabha on No Confidence Motion against Modi government and this came as viral news all over the nation. The whole media has been focusing on the turn of events as they are happening in Delhi.

Even political analysts are vividly analyzing the political strategies employed by various parties in addition to NCM motion aimed at Union government. Firstly, TDP thought of supporting NCM proposed by YSRCP. Later, it has later decided to work on its own motion.

As soon as the party took the decision on NCM, it has immediately taken steps to get support from various parties national wide. More than fifty MPs support to NCM by TDP.  Though CBN was late to enter the game on no confidence motion, he could turn the tables in a jiffy.

Just when YSRCP was about to get all the credit for introducing NCM against Modi government, Chandrababu came with NCM and took the power under his control.

The advantages are, TDP stood as the second biggest alliance to come of the NDA instead of Jagan party and also they could get the support from all the national parties.