Chandrababu strives his best for the betterment of Muslim community in Andhra

Chief Minister of AP N.Chandra Babu Naidu meets the AP Hajj pilgrims before they leave for Airport to Makkah on Wednesday. Pic:Style photo service.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu said that TDP is the only party that has constructed Haj houses in Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Kadapa.

He laid the foundation stone for the Haj House in Vidyadharapuram and said that TDP has promoted Urdu and built several masjids across the state.

Nearly 2500 people went for Haj from Andhra and Naidu believes that TDP government is the only one in India that is giving Rs 5000 for maulvis and Rs 3000 to moujums.

This new Haj House will consists of 120 rooms, 30 service apartments and 20 dormitories, giving facility to as many as 1200 Haj pilgrims at a time. Not only the Haj House, Masjid, Shadi Khana and Eidgah will be built in this complex with an estimated expenditure of Rs 80 crores.

Good news for Muslims is one more Haj House is under construction at Kadapa at an expense of Rs 12 crores.

Naidu has always shared a good rapport with the Muslim community of the state and they too have extended their support to the Chief Minister’s fight against the Central Government with the name “Dharma Porata Deeksha” in order to achieve the special status..

Previously, back in the olden days, Muslims from Andhra had to go to Mumbai for Haj registrations. Chandrababu, during united Andhra, built Haj House in Hyderabad. Now, he built two Haj houses in Andhra.

He is planning to build one in the capital region. Naidu said, “I am there to provide you comfortable governance, and fight relentlessly against the Centre for our state’s interests. In the next elections, we have to win all 25 MP seats. Later, we can decide the next Prime Minister. The TDP’s need for the state is a historic one. I will stand by you. We will protect communal harmony. You also stand by TDP and give your mandate in our favor.”