Chiranjeevi’s absence raise many questions in the Parliament


As we already know that the MPs from ruling TDP, Congress and YSR Congress Parties are on agitation path on Andhra Budget Issues in Parliament. But, Rajya Sabha MP, Chiranjeevi, has gone missing all these days. He hasn’t participated in the discussion and expressed his distress on the current issue.

The Congress Party leaders tried to pacify the queries on Chiranjeevi’s absence by claiming that he is busy with his upcoming film commitments. However, the rival party leaders questioned the honesty and fidelity of Chiru in the protest for Andhra demands, in New Delhi.

The actor turned politician will complete his tenure as MP this April. His political career is in stake as the re-nomination looks bleak for him. He was elected as Rajya Sabha MP in 2012. Allegations have been made that Chiranjeevi is inactive and apathetic on his responsibilities ever since his 150th film.

In addition, he didn’t attend an important meeting of Congress leaders. Looks like Chiranjeevi hardly cares his political career anymore. But, he is ought to give clarity on this. His absence in Parliament in today’s issue will become an advantage for opposition parties to expose the Congress’s truthfulness in the future.