Early elections anticipated for India’s newest state Telangana


Hot & buzzing topic in Telangana, KCR govt. plans to dissolve Assembly and go for an early election ahead of eight months of actual schedule is seen out in public and political circles as a mixed response

“We strongly condemn the way the Chief Minister of Telangana announced the schedule. KCR’s comments on elections are preposterous and uncalled for,” Chief Election Commissioner OP Rawat told NDTV this evening.

HE also said: “We’ll assess if Telangana elections can be held with other four states. Any astrological predictions (over dates) made by anyone is notwithstanding”.

KCR Govt intended to delink state polls with central election in a way not to dilute state development activities with central government political campaigns.

Officially KCR Cited “As far as I know, the poll process may begin in October and get completed in November. The results may be announced in the first week of December,” he said, claiming he had spoken with the Chief Election Commissioner.

Supreme Court says “polls will have to be conducted within six months of dissolution” and final call is upon election commission whether to conduct early election along with other states in December or seek other alternatives