Friendship that never dies; be it movies or politics


It’s been only few days that both Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth took a plunge into the active politics. But, the opposition has already been strongly built and many started criticizing them even before the actions made.

Some say that no one will believe these actor-turned-politicians anymore. While others say that they can’t win 10% of votes, even if they are together.

Looking at these, Kamal and Rajinikanth have promised each other to never get into such dispensable and ugly verbal fights, even if they end up opposing each other. The latest news is that, Kamal Haasan hosted a secret meeting with Rajinikanth, last year when he was shooting for Bigg Boss. The sources say that it was during this meeting that Kamal said to Rajinikanth that he’ll  soon start a political party.

It’s a known fact that these two are besties ever since her acting career and they once again proved that the friendship will not have any adverse affects even in terms of politics.