Goan Politics in turmoil, In Manohar Parrikar’s indisposition


In a high turmoil, BJP formed the government in Goa state in 2017 with alliance of local parties MGP and GFP

However the present situation being Manohar Parrikar under indisposition due to health aliments, Congress is making a move to form the government, they being majority in 2017 assembly elections sumitted a memo to Governer Mridula sinha

BJP formed the government with the support of local alliances under the only condition “Manohar Parrikar being made the Chief Minister of the state”.

Having the current situation dismisses the condition, state of affairs in Goan politics are in confusion.

Meanwhile Amit shah sent senior cadre leaders to Goa to report the situation to BJP high command in a report

Local parties are noted to be MGP (Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party), GFP (Goa Forward Party)