Governor of two states, ESL Narasimhan pedaled bicycle to reach Home


Shortly after inaugurating second route of Hyderabad Metro rail, Governer Narasimhan, caretaker Minister for Municipal Administration KTR, surprised the crowd by picking smart bicycles from Khairatabad metro station to reach Official residence of Governor

Smart Bicycles kept at select metro stations meant for last minute connectivity

News reports that 72 year old Governer Narasimhan pedaled faster than KT Ramarao on his 1 kilometer enroute to Raj Bhavan

Talking about travelling by metro in an earlier meeting, the Governor urged people to make travelling by metro a habit for better health as it ensured stress-free and comfortable transportation.

He said travel by metro would not only help the people bring down their fuel cost but also check pollution and ensure that ambulances and other emergency vehicles moved freely on roads.