Guessing Chandrababu’s next step is leaving us perplexed


As we know that the TDP and BJP have almost broken off the ties, it’s now unpredictable on what Naidu would do next.

Chandrababu Naidu is tight-lipped when asked about the same and is refusing to comment on what his next steps would be. But, party sources say he would come out with a clear stand in the next few days.

Certainly, he cannot join hands with the Congress party and all we can do is, guess the options he has. As per the sources, CM would try to negotiate with the other parties and gain the support.

Probably, Jana Sena Party may come to his rescue or the Communist parties, too, might come to his support for the benefit of getting the seats.

Moreover, KCR has also been aggravated on Modi for not granting special status to AP and for denying more reservations to the Muslims. So, Naidu can join KCR as an alternative to the Congress and the BJP. KCR and Naidu together can raise a stronger voice in Delhi.

All we are left with is the broad guesses and we need to wait for few more days on what decision will Naidu make now.