Hollywood style hunt by Hyderabad police


Midnight on September 2nd a duo entered the Nizam’s museum at Purani Haveli in old city through a ventilator by discarding the metal grills.

The duo made sure to not to get captured in a CCTV footage making it difficult for police to hunt.

However police after verifying the 32 CCTV camera footage at museum concluded to find the thieves returning with the treasures on a bike and pillion rider speaking over phone
These clues left by thieves made Hyderabad police quickly capture the thieves in a week’s time

Later, Hyderabad police observed telephone traffic on 300 towers with the help of 22 teams and video surveillance in Charminar area could map the same bike and thieves on a CCTV footage

Last evident clue was at Zaheerabad district, when an abandoned bike was found by police and mapped to be same as used by thieves

Police used their intelligence and caught the thieves in a luxury hotel in Mumbai
One of thieves said to be using the tiffin box for his everyday food during his stay at the luxury hotel