‘Intteligent’ movie producer sells his land in Manikonda


Sai Dharam Tej’s Intteligent movie has bombed at the box office. As we already know, it left the film-makers in huge loss. Producer C Kalyan lost almost every paisa that he had invested in director V V Vinayak’s disastrous movie, Intteligent.

No one has promoted the film after the release and almost the movie’s gone from the theatres. The latest news is that, C Kalyan has sold off a piece of land he owns in Manikonda for Rs 20 Cr.

He had a terrible loss of nearly 17 Cr on the film. Though V.V.vinayak helped him financially, it was not sufficient. Kalyan did extremely well with Balakrishna’s Jai Simha, but the loss with Intteligent gave him a shock. He had to lose all the investment.

The producer, moreover, sold the movie on his own in many areas without distributors involvement.Now, he is said to be clearing the losses with the land’s deal.