Jagan’s slow-paced actions against the injustice to AP


The latest hullabaloo on the injustice meted to Andhra during Union budget 2018-19 is taking turns every day. Many actions have been made by ruling TDP MPs in order to get things done.

YSRCP Chief, Jagan Mohan Reddy, who put a pause to his padayatra for the sake of protests, is now moving forward like three-toed sloth. While stopping his padayatra and other works, he said he’s going to participate in protests too as the promise made by BJP remained unanswered.

Now, Jagan confined to organize only two dharnas demanding the centre to fulfill all promises made to Andhra. On the other hand, TDP MPs are making sedulous efforts in solidarity, fighting for the justice. Jagan will organize first dharna at all District Collectorates on March 1.

ANother dharna will take place on March 5 at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi with a slogan “Special Status is our right and no to special package.” But, Jagan won’t be participating in New Dehi’s dharna, as he is on Padayatra in Andhra.