Maharastra and Andhra’s loathe towards BJP is a nerve-racking ordeal


Many believe that Bharat Janata Party has taken voters of India for granted solely for their win in the 2014 elections. If this is true, the party should be more alert now. They have not only lost numerous by-polls across the nation in one year, they are also on the verge of entirely losing its credibility in Andhra Pradesh.

Nearly 40,000 farmers from Nashik district have reached Mumbai after walking 180 km in the scorching Sun over the past five days. The farmer contingent plans to gherao the Vidhan Sabha tomorrow alleging that the ruling party, BJP, has been ignoring their demands ever since forming the govt.

The farmers’ March has begun yesterday with about 25,000 members and the number increased along the way and reached over 40,000 on the fifth day. It shows how much farmers are supportive towards the movement.

It’s high-time that the BJP should take the growing resentment among people from various states like Maharashtra and Andhra and fulfill all the promises made during 2014 elections. Or else, BJP may otherwise face a shocking defeat in 2019 elections.

The farmers are protesting against the state government’s land acquisition for projects like high speed rail and super highways and demanding an increase in pension schemes for poor peasants and farm workers.