Nirmala Seetharaman upset with KCR for his ‘slip of the tongue’ moment


CM KCR called Modi as ‘Modi Gadiki’ at a public meeting and this ignited the BJP’s senior leaders. They demanded for an apology or withdrawal of the statement from KCR or CMO. The Union Defence Minister Nirmala Seetharaman raise the issue once again

Nirmala, who scheduled  her day to attend an official event on Defense sector topic in Telangana state, didn’t turn up as she was very upset with KCR’s remark on PM Modi. Later, she told media on the sidelines of the event that she had telephoned KTR and sought clarification.

On a phone conversation, KTR defended his father that he wouldn’t talk bad about Modi and probably it was a slip of the tongue moment. At the time of her call, KCR was in Nalgonda.

But, that is not the end. Nirmala wasn’t convinced with KTR’s clarification and even on dais, she said to have raised the issue with KTR in personal and expressed her distress over KCR’s ‘insulting’ comment on Modi. We need to wait and see how this issue will solve without further brawl between Centre and Telangana state.