No railway zone and factory for AP & TG, says the Centre


After counter-affidavit filed in the court, the Central Home Ministry yesterday clarified that the railway zone promised to Andhra and railway coach factory to Telangana are highly impossible.

The Centre further said that the Railway board has also announced the same in its report on March 12th 2018. It said the approval to Vijayawada metro project will be granted only if revised Detailed Project Report is inline with latest policy announced by central government.

Moreover, the Centre has filed a counter to the petition submitted by the Congress MLC Ponguleti Sudhakar Reddy. The report reads that the Centre attached the minutes of meeting with AP, Telangana and Task force team.

There are currently 16 existing Railways zone in the country and setting up a new zone will be useful. Concurrently, there are five Railway coach factories in the nation so, the Task Force members suggested to drop the idea of new coach factory in Telangana.

Earlier, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said in Rajya Sabha about Centre’s promise to setting up new railway zone in Vishakapatnam. However, the Centre mentioned that transfer of 753 employees is pending due to some legal and governance issues.