Pakistan again gets a rejection, over their attempts to meet India


Last time in a recent invitation by Pakistan to Indian Ministry of external affairs, India rejects to meet Pakistan stating “terrorism on cross border and bilateralal talks cannot go hand-to hand”

India had highlighted how Pakistan glorified terrorists by issuing postal stamps. New Delhi had also cited the brutal killing of security personnel by Pakistan-backed terrorists.

The top Pakistani diplomat confirms to the Washington audience on Wednesday that now in a fresh attempt Pakistan gets an another rejection after attempting to seek help from US to meet India

“When we asked the US, to play a facilitating role…Why do we ask? Simply because we are not engaging bilaterally. And that bilateral disengagement is…a distraction. We want to focus, we want to move on the western side of the border, which we are not being able to because we have to watch our back from eastern side (towards India). That is not a healthy situation to be in,”

“Now can you (United States) facilitate? The answer from them is no. They wanted (it done) bilaterally. But there is no bilateral movement,” said Mr. Qureshi

He also said that this could lead to an escalation of tension between the two countries.