LIVE UPDATES :- Paisa Vasool


Movie:- Paisa Vasool
Release Date:- 1 September 2017


2:50 AM IST :- Movie opens with death of Gangster brother in India.
2:55 AM IST :- Gangster Bob Marley comes to know about his brother death and in fit of anger kills all R&AW agents in India.
2:55 AM IST :- Balayya power packed entry with Title Song
3:00 AM IST:- Balayya self introduction as “THEDA SINGH” after peppy dhabha title song
3:01 AM IST :- Balayya comic clash with comedian PRUDHVI at midnight in drunken state
3:02 AM IST:- Heroine Muskaan Sethi Introduction
3:03 AM IST:- Heroine in External Ministry office for help with sister missing in Portugal.
3:04 AM IST:- Prudhvi attacks with Gang on Balayya at bar
3:05 AM IST:- Powerful fight scene with Bob Marley Gang. Balayya attitude in fight is at Peaks
3:06 AM IST:- Lady IPS arrests Balayya thinking he is right for OPERATION !!!
3:07 AM IST:- Police gives TASK to Balayya to kill International Gangster “BOB MARLEY”
3:08 AM IST:- Deadly blast happens in middle of town , 22 gets killed. Emotional scene between Police officer and home minister
3:09 AM IST:- ACP goes to Bomb blast spot and dies in another bomb blast as per plan.
3:10 AM IST:- Cute scene with Heroine.
3:15 AM IST:- Song with Heroine , NTR old remix song “Aa Kanti chupu cheptundi aa Konte Navvu cheptundi” with decent locales and picturization
3:20 AM IST:- Heroine gets small lead about her sister missing in Portugal from a boy.
3:25 AM IST:- A Gang attacks heroine house in night about her sister and some files. Balayya fights with that Gang.
3:30 AM IST:- Good fight of Balayya in drunken state with the gang. Balayya takes heroine to Police station. He gets informed by Police that attackers were Bob Marley Gang
3:35 AM IST:- Balayya in fit of rage goes after Bob Marley and his gang and gives strong warning to gang that he is gonna kill Bob Marley
3:40 AM IST:- Festival scene and cute romantic scene with heroine.
3:40 AM IST:- Another song “padamari” starts.
3:50 AM IST:- Suspense scenes happening , not much is revealed to build anxiety.
4:00 AM IST:- Gang kidnaps heroine to catch Balayya. Balayya comes to rescue heroine
4:05 AM IST:-  INTERVAL BANG FIGHT SCENE and unexpected shocking scene between Hero and Heroine.

FIRST HALF REVIEW :- First half is paced good with fights and songs . Balayya in new avatar and his mannerisms and attitude completely different from his old movies. NEVER SEEN BEFORE BALAYYA.  Puri style and Balayya power packed performance remains same though.

4:11 AM IST:- Second half started !!! POLICE arrest Balayya to know secrets about his past and about heroine sister death.
4:12 AM IST:- Balayya starts revealing FLASHBACK
4:12 AM IST:- FLASHBACK starts with Balayya and shriya scene and Balayya as taxi driver
4:13 AM IST:- Balayya on the way to drop Shriya to her destination in Portugal . Comedian Ali enters. Gives a bag to deliver on the way. DRUGS inside bag. CAUGHT and chased by POLICE with Shriya in Car.
4:14 AM IST:- Chase is done and Shriya gets down from car and scolds Balayya and goesoff without paying TAXI fare.
4:15 AM IST:- Bob Marley Introduction . killing of Police officer in India by his gang. Gangster lives outside India in foreign country
4:16 AM IST:- Cute scenes with Shriya.
4:17 AM IST:- Bob meets home minister and both attend church wedding in Portugal. Bob brothers want the bride so Bob kills the groom. Shriya records all these with secret drone.
4:18 AM IST:- Shriya getting caught and seen running in streets and finds balayya and Ali drinking on road side. Comedy bit and “MAMA EK PEG LA” song starts. BALAYYA HUNGAMA in song !!!
4:20 AM IST:- Shriya wakesup in morning and realizes she kissed Balayya last night in pub in drunken state. She facetime call her sister(another heroine muskaan) and her mom.
4:21 AM IST:- Bob brother this time eyes Shriya and gang search for her . They finally catch her .
4:25 AM IST:- Here comes twist. Gang asks Balayya to deliver package to destination. Balayya delivers the package and argues with gang about payment.
4:30 AM IST:- To Balayya surprise the package he delivered is “SHRIYA”
4:31 AM IST:- Powerful FIGHT again with gang and Bob brother.
4:32 AM IST:- Fight ends and Shriya reveals that she works for BBC and in Portugal to make documentary and expose Bob Marley.
4:33 AM IST:- Love blossoms and cute scenes between Shirya and Balayya. Song “Kannu Kannu Kalisaayi” plays.
4:35 AM IST:- Shriya says to Balayya that her work is done and she is returning back to home. Balayya dropping her to airport
4:40 AM IST:- Bob gang attacks on her way to airport. Gang comes to know about balayya. FIGHT continues.
4:45 AM IST:- Balayya attacks Bob and his gang and leaves Bob without killing him as per orders.
4:50 AM IST:- Shriya covers Balayya and gets killed by bullets from Bob.
4:55 AM IST:- Balayya in anger calls to minister and informs him that he is dying. He lied to Govt that he died. FLASHBACK ends.
5:00 AM IST:- SCENE is back in POLICE STATION. Minister comes to know that Balayya is alive and starts to meet him
5:01 AM IST:- Minister gets distracted by a person and is in hospital. He doesnt meet Balayya.
5:02 AM IST:- Key scenes and secrets are REVEALED.
5:03 AM IST:- Balayya performance and dialogues about country are “MIND BLOWING” !!!
5:05 AM IST:- STYLISH CLIMAX FIGHT STARTS. CLIMAX is full of twists and unexpected !!!

OVERALL REVIEW :- Movie is good and as expected in Puri mass style.  Overall movie is packed with high voltage action scenes and powerful dialogues from Balayya. Typical Puri’s mass style coupled with BalaKrishna’s mannerisms make the movie a treat to watch !!