Two of the reputed TDP MLAs disappointed Chandrababu with their actions


Chandrababu Naidu lashed out on the TDP MLAs Bollineni Venkata Ramarao and Pendurthi Venkatesh on their recent actions.

Udayagiri MLA Bollineni Rama Rao showed attitude and caused ruckus against the officials at Tirupati airport which made Chandrababu to preach some manners to Rama Rao. CM also warned Rajanagaram MLA Pendurthi Venkatesh who raised slogans against the local officials in his constituency.

Naidu had also asked the two MLAs to behave properly and not to repeat such acts in the future. He further said that MLAs are someone who symbolizes the reputation of the state government. Instead, it is sad to see them stooping down.

Naidu expressed that he won’t tolerate anyone who make such frivolous acts against the government employees. He reiterated his motto – give respect and earn respect in return.

Meanwhile, Bollineni Rama Rao has publicly apologized for his revolting behaviour at Tirupati airport.