Two TDP ministers resign from Union Cabinet on Special Status issue


Yesterday, Chandrababu Naidu has announced of quitting NDA and surprisingly, he did not lose his cool on Modi. He was calm with dignity intact. Naidu also tried to call Prime Minister Modi to inform his decision on his party MPs resignation who are serving in Modi’s cabinet against Special Category Status to AP.

Chandrababu should receive huge applause for maintaining right composure by not losing temper over Modi or Arun Jaitley. But, anyone in his place would loose-tongue others with serious allegations. After a lot of hard work, Naidu has conveyed that they walked out of NDA as the Centre is not keeping the promises it made before.

This gesture shocked TDP leaders and Chandrababu’s rectitude proved his dignity all over again. Moreover, Minister Manikyala Rao who criticized Naidu publicly despite being in his cabinet and won on TDP’s charisma, has been left the option to him without a sign of brawl.

It’s high time, TDP sould take the fight to Delhi and expose Modi publicly.  Yesterday, Naidu blamed state BJP leaders for launching a counter-attack on his government, rather than taking up the state’s issues with the Centre.

He said,  “you cannot run away from your responsibility by assaulting us. If you continue to hurt our sentiments by denying the special category status, which is our right, you will have to meet the same fate”.