Water bottles thrown at Home Minister, Naini Narashimha Reddy


Telangana Home Minister, Naini Narasimha Reddy, was in Warangal to attend the Kakatiya Redla Shankaravam. During his speech, he had an unpleasant experience as people started throwing water bottles on the stage.

The meeting was organized by Telangana Reddy Association at Kakatiya Arts and Science College on the implementation of welfare measures for the community. Many notable and renowned political leaders attended the event.

During his speech, he talked about reservation issues to poorer sections and such facility cannot be fulfilled as it is unconstitutional. Also, students from the audience asked to fulfill their demands. When Home Minister said he cannot resolve their demands, students showed outrage.

They started throwing water bottles onto him and Narashimha Reddy had to abruptly stop the speech. Police officers immediately formed a security ring around the stage and tried to pacify the situation. Amid heavy security, he left the premises.